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Zheng Fu – lyrics English translation.

The winning performance of Shila has attracted much attention to the song Zheng Fu (征服) by Na Ying (那英) among the non-mandarin-speaking community in Malaysia. Some of the comments on Youtube are asking for the meaning of the lyrics. So here it is. Tried to post on Youtube but character limit prevents everything to be posted. My English is not really good, but the following should be better than google-translated. Still, my translation fails to convey even 50% of what the lyric wants to bring out.

终於你找到一个方式 分出了胜负
Finally, you’ve found a way to decide who wins

输蠃的代价是彼此 粉身碎骨
The consequence.. both of us are deeply hurt

外表健康的你 心伤痕无数
You look fine, but your heart… broken countless times

顽强的我是这场战役 的俘虏
I won’t give up, and become the captive of war (of love)

*Chorus started
Just like this, you have won over me

There’s no retreat (for me)
There’s no turning back (for me)

我的心情是坚固 我的决定是糊涂
My heart is firm (but) my decision is careless

Just like this, you have won over me

(I) drink down the poison you prepared (for me)

My story has ended

My love and hatred burried
*Chorus ended

终於我明白俩人要的是 一个结束
Finally, I understand what we both wanted… is an end.

所有的辩解都让对方以为 是企图
All explanations look like excuses

放一把火烧掉你送我的 礼物
Lit a fire and burn up all presents that you gave me

Still, it couldn’t relieve me from my rage

Repeat the chorus once…

If you walk pass my grave

You may clasp you hands and pray for me

Repeat the chorus multiple times…