Sony Xperia Z3 Compact


Got a new phone from my boss last Thursday. My one-year-plus Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has been problematic for weeks if not months. The GSM radio seems pretty dead now. Cannot make/receive calls and SMS. Must reboot the phone before making/receiving a call or SMS. Co-workers, including my boss have been complaining about not being able to reach me on phone. Initially I was looking for a mid-range phone that is about the same size as my S4 Mini. That proves to be a very difficult task. Nowadays, small size phone (less than 5 inch screen) seems to be reserved for low-end, entry-level phones. Initially, the Samsung A3 could be my choice but the specs is not as good as S4 Mini and the size is noticably bigger than S4 Mini. Then, I found the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. The specs is great, light and the size is not bigger than S4 Mini. It has a bigger screen but the handset size is not bigger than S4 Mini thanks to narrower bezels. The only problem is the price. It is priced as an almost-high-end phone. This has deter me to get it for a few weeks. I think my boss just cannot stand me anymore, so last Thursday after a meeting in Berjaya Time Square, we went to a Sony Center there and he bought one for me. Thanks boss :)


终于我找到了一个舞伴 Adeline。舞跳得很棒,人又漂亮,哈哈 ;-)  星期四上了第一堂 private class (rumba)。舞步和以前学的差不多,所以一切还好。Adeline 四年没跳 rumba 了,但是只用了一堂课的时间就学会了整支舞,真的很厉害。我要多加努力些才行,比赛时可不能拖累她 :-)

Finally I have a dance partner Adeline.  Not only she is very good in dancing but very pretty too :P  We had our first private class on Thursday for rumba.  The routine is very similar to what I learnt before so there’s no problem.  Adeline didn’t dance for 4 years already but was able to learn the whole routine in one single class.  Truly amazing!

Debian Jessie: Disable NVIDIA discrete graphic card in a NVIDIA Optimus laptop

Disabling NVIDIA discrete graphic card on a laptop running Debian Jessie is the same (in concept) compare to Debian Wheezy, however, the steps are a bit different.

1. First of all, install the bbswitch kernel module.

 # aptitude install bbswitch-dkms

2. Load the module.

 # modprobe bbswitch

3. Check the status of the NVIDIA graphic card (running or not).

 # cat /proc/acpi/bbswitch
0000:01:00.0 ON  <-- The card is running

4. Disable the card.

 # tee /proc/acpi/bbswitch <<<OFF

5. Check the status of the card again.

 # cat /proc/acpi/bbswitch
0000:01:00.0 OFF  <-- The card is no longer in use

6. To disable the graphic card at boot.

# echo "bbswitch" >> /etc/modules-load.d/bbswitch.conf
# echo "options bbswitch load_state=0" >> /etc/modprobe.d/bbswitch.conf
# update-initramfs -u

See the project website for more info regarding the module:

To see the battery consumption of your laptop (remember to remove the power cord).

awk '{print $1*10^-6 " W"}' /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/power_now





究竟是怎么了?好朋友怎么会突然间变得如此冷漠?我的心很痛、很难过……  对你的关爱,一切都是那么的真诚,为什么突然间……  见了面却是那么的陌生,发个信息也不见回复……  究竟是为什么呢欣欣?难道我注定要失去你这个朋友吗?


一切的不开心,就此切断。现在开始,多写些快乐的人与事吧  :)


Leave behind all the unhappy things, more happy post from now on.  Yeah!




月底的 Crystal 拉丁舞比赛,学妹们有参加,可是没一个人告诉我!?为什么这样呢?


Last night was my final lesson for the Monday Latin dance class.  Did my teacher pay his attention on my dancing for at least a minute last night?!  Very upset, but it’s the last.  I don’t have to bear with it any more.  Attending the Monday class for almost 3 years, I’m putting a full stop to it now.

Debian Wheezy – Mate Desktop 1.8.1- Lowering The Volume Into Mute But Cannot Unmute By Increasing The Volume

Since the installation of Wheezy, I’ve been struggling to find a good and reliable desktop environment.  From Gnome 3 to XFCE to LXDE and back to XFCE.  Still, some of the things just didn’t work as I wanted it to be.  A few weeks ago I learnt that Debian’s Wheeze-backports have provided the Mate Desktop package.  It’s a fork from Gnome 2 which is the best Linux desktop environment I’ve ever used, so I decided to give it a try (I did try Mint Linux with Mate desktop for a short while quite some time ago).  It’s been a few weeks using the Mate desktop and I’m very happy with it except one thing: the sound will be muted when lowering the volume to 0% but it won’t be unmuted by increasing the volume.  I’ll have to fire up the “Sound Preferences” to unmute the audio device.  After some googling, the solution is easy:

aptitude install mate-media-pulse mate-settings-daemon-pulse

The two packages will replace the mate-media-gstreamer and mate-settings-daemon-gstreamer installed.

See here for a discussion of the issue:




这件事困扰了我一个星期,终于,我想通了。能做此决定的只有院长或我的老师,而无论是谁,我都不可能再继续呆下去了。很不舍…  不舍在这里认识的朋友们、舞伴们。她们是我继续努力、坚持不懈的原因。如今要挥手道别,真的很难过…


Last Thursday, the studio called and said that, they do not want me to be the helper anymore.  “Is there a problem?”, I asked.  “It’s the studio’s decision”, she replied.

One week passed.  It’s clear that I’m the only one being outcast.  Others are still helping.

This has been bothering me for a week, and now it’s clear.  Only the principal or my teacher could make this decision.  Either one, there’s no way for me to stay anymore.  I’ll miss my friends and dance partners.  They are the reason for me to keep dancing and improving.  To say goodbye…  it hurts…  deep inside…

NATD Exam 2014: Worst result ever!

早就知道成绩会不理想,可是没有想到会如此糟糕… 四支舞蹈竟然都在90分以下!真的很失望…

Already knew that the result would not be good, however, I’ve never expected it to be this bad… All four dances are under 90 marks!  This is really a let-down.  Very disappointed with myself…


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