Monthly Archives: February 2012

Gnome Terminator

Today I found a better solution for my programming need: Gnome-Terminator.  Like awesome and tmux, I can have multiple terminals opened and displayed side-by-side.  I can modify the window size by simply dragging the divider of the terminals.  I can also swap the possition of the terminals by simply dragging them around.  Lastly, I can display it or hide it with just a keypress, just like Guake Terminal.  The version in Debian v0.93 does not seems to work with the hide/unhide with a keypress feature.  I downloaded upstream tar-gzipped package (v0.96), unpacked it and it worked straight away. (

Note: After uninstalling the official Debian Terminator (v0.93) package, the hide/unhide with a keypress stopped working.  The reason was that, the package python-keybinder was required.  It was installed automatically by Debian when the Terminator (v0.93) was installed and later removed together with the Debian’s Terminator.  After installing it manually, the upstream Terminator works again.

To make it work like Guake Terminal, I wrote a script to run the Terminator (upon log in) in fullscreen and hidden.  By hitting F1 (my customed toggle key), I can show or hide it.  However, exiting the last terminal will quit the Terminator application, so I change the script to run the Terminator if it was not running, show it otherwise.  The script is linked to a shortcut in the gnome-panel for easy access.  The script is as simple as the following:


result=`ps -fu $USER | grep python | grep terminator`
if [[ $result == '' ]]; then
    $HOME/bin/terminator-0.96/terminator -Hf &
    xdotool key F1