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This is a pair of standard ballroom dance shoes I bought yesterday.  It costs RM190, the third most expensive shoes I’ve ever had.  The most expensive one is a pair of running shoes.  The second is the Latin dance shoes.  I don’t really like the look of this shoes, but there weren’t many choices.  Next to do is to sign up for the standard ballroom class.  Let’s hope it will be as fun as the Latin.

本来是想学国标舞,却跳了近一年的拉丁舞。最近学院将开办国标舞班,所以,昨天我买了一双国标舞鞋。售价RM190,是我买过第三贵的鞋子。最贵的是双跑步鞋,第二名是拉丁舞鞋。其实并不很喜欢这鞋子的样式,可是选择不多、没办法。明天我报名后,人数应该就足够了。希望能赶快开课,那么明年六月分除了两项拉丁舞考试,再加上国标舞…… 哈哈,一次过考三张证书,我真是贪心  ;p



My dance teacher said I am too tense and too serious when dancing. Being serious is good but too much of it and I may not be able to enjoy the dance. I knew it, it happens all the time. When I started dancing in January, I told myself to just relax and enjoy. However, after I find that I really enjoy dancing, I decided that I want to be better. I want to be the best amongst the new students. With this in mind, I think I’ve stressed too much on practicing rather than enjoying the dance. Got to adjust myself then 🙂

下课后,舞蹈老师对我们的表演给了些评语。他说我的问题是太过于认真、认真过头了。这么一来就没办法享受舞蹈的乐趣!其实我也知道我有这个问题。刚开始上课时,我有告诉自己不要太认真,玩玩、放松就好了。不过日子久了,我真的喜欢上了拉丁舞。一旦喜欢上了,就想做得更好,要成为最好的!结果就变成了一个大问题… 需要好好反省一下了!

Open in Terminal -> Terminator

There is a very useful plug-in for nautilus called “nautilus-open-terminal”. One can open a terminal by right-click in any directory opened in nautilus. And immediately, your shell is in that particular directory. By default, the plug-in uses gnome-terminal. If you are using terminator and would like the plug-in to use terminator instead of the default gnome-terminal, just do the following:

#As root
update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator

Choose “terminator” when prompted and you are done. Probably a restart of the gdm is required.

#As normal unix user
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.default-applications.terminal exec-arg '-x'

Henry Studio 2012 NATD Graduation Dinner and Dance

It all started with the students performances.  Our group was the second to go on stage.  After about one month of practice, it was very much better than our first performance in June, for which we had only 3 days to practice.  After the performances, all students who attended the NATD exam in June received their Certificates.  Then, it’s dinner time.  Didn’t actually eat much before the general dancing session started.  During the first two (or three) songs, no one was on the dance floor.  Then, our principal Mr Henry took the lead.  Then, we all joined in.  Dinner was still being served, but we were all on the dance floor!  Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Rumba, Samba, Rock & Roll, Oppa Gangnam Style, you name it!  It was a wonderful night with lots of dancing.  It was about 12 midnight and we were the last group to leave.  It was a memorable night.  🙂


Classmates for eleven months, partners for one exam and two performances, however my relationship with my partner has been getting worse.  I don’t know what is the problem but she’s been avoiding me.  My invitations for a dance are usually rejected or worse, ignored.  This has been going on for weeks if not months.  Recently, we even engaged in some heated debates.  She got mad with me so easily but not so with others.  I feel that I’m not even a friend to her anymore.  I still love to dance with her, but asking for her hand has become increasingly difficult.  Last night, we partnered for a performance.  We had a few more dances after that.  It was a lot of fun.  We had not danced like this for a long time…  However, thinking this could be the last of our partnership, I was sad and couldn’t sleep well…

朋友  去去  留留
无论你有多么珍惜  还是会失去的

Four more days to go…