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一切的不开心,就此切断。现在开始,多写些快乐的人与事吧  🙂


Leave behind all the unhappy things, more happy post from now on.  Yeah!





月底的 Crystal 拉丁舞比赛,学妹们有参加,可是没一个人告诉我!?为什么这样呢?


Last night was my final lesson for the Monday Latin dance class.  Did my teacher pay his attention on my dancing for at least a minute last night?!  Very upset, but it’s the last.  I don’t have to bear with it any more.  Attending the Monday class for almost 3 years, I’m putting a full stop to it now.

Debian Wheezy – Mate Desktop 1.8.1- Lowering The Volume Into Mute But Cannot Unmute By Increasing The Volume

Since the installation of Wheezy, I’ve been struggling to find a good and reliable desktop environment.  From Gnome 3 to XFCE to LXDE and back to XFCE.  Still, some of the things just didn’t work as I wanted it to be.  A few weeks ago I learnt that Debian’s Wheeze-backports have provided the Mate Desktop package.  It’s a fork from Gnome 2 which is the best Linux desktop environment I’ve ever used, so I decided to give it a try (I did try Mint Linux with Mate desktop for a short while quite some time ago).  It’s been a few weeks using the Mate desktop and I’m very happy with it except one thing: the sound will be muted when lowering the volume to 0% but it won’t be unmuted by increasing the volume.  I’ll have to fire up the “Sound Preferences” to unmute the audio device.  After some googling, the solution is easy:

aptitude install mate-media-pulse mate-settings-daemon-pulse

The two packages will replace the mate-media-gstreamer and mate-settings-daemon-gstreamer installed.

See here for a discussion of the issue: