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NATD Exam 2013 – Result is Out!

The NATD examination result is out.  Earlier than expected.  Although not as good as what I wanted it to be, I’m quite satisfied.  As expected, not as good as my partner, but luckily, just one point behind her for Rumba and Jive.  A surprise is my cha cha cha, I thought that was my worst dance but appears to be my best!  This is really unexpected.

考试成绩放榜了!去年等了两个星期,这次快多了。成绩虽然没有我希望的好,但也已是很满意了。就如预期的,我的舞伴比我高分,但还好没有差太多。一直以来,我总觉得我的cha cha cha是最差的,结果却拿了最高分!非常的意外!