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Henry Studio 2013 NATD Graduation Dinner And Dance


Last night was the yearly graduation dinner and dance.  It was fun and exciting.  Surpassing the previous year.  I took part in two dances this year.  My own class’s samba and the cha cha cha of my junior class.   I didn’t dance as well as last year, that’s a bit disappointing, but dancing with my juniors are fun, a lot of fun.  These young ladies are as young as 11 to 17.  They call me koko (big brother) but I think they should call me shushu (uncle) instead.  But never mind, let me pretend to be 10 years younger then.  LOL.  This group of juniors are like my own class one and a half years ago.  They came to the studio to practice whenever there was a practice session available.  I think I deserve some credit here.  For I was the one who persuade them to come and practice in the first place.  I also created a FB group so that we could all discuss the dance in it.  I’ve done a lot for the junior class but not for my own.  Sadly, my own class is no longer how it was one and a half years ago.  Many had left.  Only two of us are from the original group.  We are no longer partners this year and my new dance partner didn’t show up for practicing for nearly 2 weeks.

I had a surprise when I was told that I won the best student award for the silver (man) category!  I always thought that the competitors would get it.  Really unexpected.

Same as last year, after dinner, it was the open dance session.  I had my first dance with my ex-partner.  After that, I’ve danced with my juniors for almost the entire night.  I think I really like them.  LOL.