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2012年1月9日,开始了我的第一堂拉丁舞课。今天,2014年1月13日,两周年后的第一堂课!不知不觉中,两年或731个日子,就这样过去了。从什么是拉丁舞都不懂的无知,到今年将考取 gold level 证书;从每天上班、回家的生活,到目前一星期四天到舞蹈学院报到,改变虽然不是很巨大,但确实充实了不少。认识了不少新朋友,生活圈子开阔了许多。



On the 9th Jan 2012, my first latin ballroom class started. Today, the 13th Jan 2014, my first class in the third year. Time flies. Two years passed in a blink of an eye. Started from completely ignorant to going to take my gold level exam this year, from a dull working life traveling from home to office and back everyday to now going to the dance studio 4 days a week, my life has become much more colourful than before.

Learning to dance is fun and fill with laughter. However, once I become serious about it, I start to have expectations and disappointments. Feeling down and sad has become unavoidable. Nonetheless, I’m always looking forward to the next class. Wishing a joyful and satisfying dance session.

Has dancing become a part of my life that I cannot live without? Nope, I don’t think so. But life without it will be very dull and I will never want it that way. Just keep it going, and maybe, one day, it could really become a part of me, planted so deeply that it cannot be separated anymore.