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学了七、八个月的国标舞,昨天终于上场比赛了!紧张啊~ 真是让我的舞伴笑话了 😛 虽然跳的没有平时好,但是对手并不强,所以幸运的拿了第一。真的是开心。一个星期的每晚练习,没有白费 😀   不能不提 Shvonne, 才学了不到两个星期的舞步,就能跳到这么好。我真是很幸运能有这么好的舞伴。也要特别谢谢 Andy 老师的教导。我们几乎每晚都到学院练习,老师教课之余,总会走过来指点我们。当然还要感谢师姐,没有你的教导,我一定没有现在跳得好 🙂

After 7 or 8 months learning standard ballroom, I finally competed.  Was too nervous and being laughed at by my partner 😛 We didn’t manage to dance as good as we can, but luckily the competitors were not strong and we got the first place.  We were really happy about it.  Practicing every night for a week has paid off 😉  Shvonne is really good.  Learning the routine for less than 2 weeks and was able to dance so well.  I’m lucky to have such a good partner.  Special thanks to our teacher Mr Andy.  He let us practice every night in the studio.  We didn’t take any extra classes or private classes, but he had no problem coming over and guide us when we were practicing.  Last but not least, I must thank my senior for guiding me through the past 7 or 8 months.  Without you, I won’t be able to dance as good as I am now.  🙂