Monthly Archives: February 2009

Using vim in AWN Terminal

AWN Terminal is a handy AWN applet. It comes up faster then firing up a new gnome-terminal. I prefer to use it for running some commands or doing some simple editing task.

I am a vim user. Using vim in the AWN Terminal was not possible for me. Whenever I wanted to get out of edit mode (into command mode) in vim by pressing ESC, the AWN Terminal closed.

But now, I can. Guess what, there is another way to go into command mode other then pressing ESC. CTRL+[ is the one. 🙂


scp file name with spaces

Just now, I was trying to scp a file from a remote machine to my laptop. The file path contains spaces (both directory name and file name). The normal way of escaping the spaces with backslash ‘\’ did not work with scp:

$  scp  guest@remote:/some\ directory/abc\ xyz.txt  ~/Desktop

Quote the whole file path also didn’t work.

$  scp  guest@remote:"/some directory/abc xyz.txt"  ~/Desktop

After some googling, finally, I found the following command that works:

$  scp  guest@remote:"\"/some directory/abc xyz.txt\""  ~/Desktop
$  scp  guest@remote:"\"/some directory\""/*.txt  ~/Desktop

AWN 0.3.2 + Metacity + Lenny

Three days ago, AWN 0.3.2 was released. Looked at the screen-shots, one thing graped my attention, the notification area applet (system tray). I was using the official Lenny deb that does not contain that applet. I really want to have that notification area applet so I decided to compile the latest release from source. Thanks to the great documentation provided (it even list out all dependent debian packages required to built it), the compilation went through smoothly.

Now, I’ve been running the self-compiled AWN for a few days and it works great! My AWN’s notification area applet is a bit ugly compare to the one below:

If anyone know how to make (configure) it look better, please let me know. 🙂






Earth Hour 2009

刚从网上得知这项活动。很有意思,所以我也报名了。不报名当然也没关系,但是报个名,让大家都知道又多了一个人的参与不是很好吗? 🙂