Monthly Archives: August 2009


I’ve been using Apple-like dock since one or two years ago. I started with wbar which is simple and works great as an application launcher.  Early this year, Istarted to use Avant-window-navigator. This one is much advance compare to wbar. It is not only a launcher, but also provide many applets (although some of them does not work for me), a window list and a pretty system tray.

Today, I installed Cairo-dock.  This is the best dock I’ve ever used.  It provides nearly all features found in wbar and AWN, and much more.  It’s an amazing dock!  I’m surprised that I didn’t find it earlier.  I’ve been using it for the whole day.  It’s pretty stable (only crash a few times when I was playing with some applets and configurations) for normal use.  Installation is easy (with debian package repo) and it comes with a configuration tool which is easy to use.  The only thing missing is a proper system tray applet.  I really like the one in AWN.  Anyway, this is the best dock I have now.  Thanks to the people who write this Cairo-dock.