Monthly Archives: October 2008

Debian Lenny Day 3

I’ve been eager to try out lenny.  2 days ago, I had a new installation of Etch.  After half a day of upgrading, I got my lenny working!  My machine, an Acer Aspire 5540, simply work in an out-of-box upgrade.  The only thing that needs manual intervention is the wireless networking.  I need to install the firmware (firmware-iwlwifi) myself.

Lenny is overall much better than Etch.  It boots faster, shutdowns faster, more beautiful icons, application runs faster (probably not much configuration yet).  More importantly, new version of the software is available (e.g. evince highlighted text issue solved).

A small problem with this installation is the stability of wireless network.  Sometimes, the connection is dropped repeatedly over a period of time, say 10 minutes.  Sometimes, it reconnects, but sometimes not.

Another much much smaller issue is the Iceweasel.  All new pages were opened in a new window.  I checked the configuration, the setting was set to “opened in a new tab”.  After changing the setting to “opened in a new window” then “opened in a new tab”, Iceweasel started to behave correctly.

Next, I’ll move all my office work from Etch to Lenny.  Then, I’ll never have to boot into Etch anymore.  🙂


《赤い糸》 (《結界師》片尾曲)

真是不错、no no、应该说是很棒的动漫。第一首片尾曲《赤い糸》(念 akai ito),我觉得很好听。可惜找不到完整版。网上有人说:该曲还没发行CD。所以呢,现在网上流传的都是从动漫剪辑下来的吧。

词曲:稲葉浩志 (いなば こうし)

熟悉的街道 慢慢吹過的風
見慣れた町 ゆっくり吹き抜ける風

ふたりして いつものペースで歩いてる

ふざけ合って 笑った後に気づいた

見たことない 大人びたそのまなざし

什麼都不用說 沒關係
何も話さなくったっていいよ 大丈夫

気持ちはきっと 間違いじゃない

ただ まっすぐ 何かに突き進んでいく

あなたをね ついついね 見つめてしまう

そばにいても 離れても

だれかとだれかつなぐ 赤い糸