Monthly Archives: August 2010

USD 25 to sign up for Android Market

Android Market wants me to pay USD 25.00 before letting me upload and share my android application!  Forget it then, I’ll just publish it somewhere else on the internet.


My first Android application

Have you ever found that you missed an important phone call or SMS hours later? Motorola users do not have this problem.  Motorola phones beep every N minutes to remind the users of miss call or unread SMS. I used to have a Motorola phone, and this is the feature I missed the most.

Exactly one month ago (on the 20th July 2010), I got my first smart phone: the HTC Desire (arguably the best smart phone available). I’m still the same old me, the same stingy me. I would never spent over RM 2K for a phone, regardless of how smart it is. So? Thanks to my company Kendra System. Yes, I get it for free 😀

After playing with the new HTC Desire for one month, yesterday, I started to work on my first Android project, an application that does what the Motorola phones have been doing: beeps every N minutes to remind me of a miss call or an unread SMS. And today, I’m proud to announce that, the first version of the application is now working on my HTC Desire! It does remind me of unread SMS but not yet the miss call. Why not the miss call? Well, my application can check the call log for miss calls but it cannot differentiate a new miss call from an old miss call that has been acknowledged (if such a flag exists) by the user. Another approach would be to check the notification bar (at the top of the screen) for not-yet-acknowledged miss calls. But this time, I do not know how or whether it is possible to get the list of notification from the notification bar.

Even without the miss call notification, this application is still very useful (at least to me). Next step would be to publish it in the Android Market. 🙂