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Using Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with Linux

Besides the camera, I also bought a very basic computer yesterday equipped with the Logitech K400 wireless keyboard. It will be placed at home beside the LCD TV and be used as a media player and for some light-weight computing tasks. Linux is my favorite OS but I’m not sure whether the Logitech K400 can be used. The Logitech website only specify it supports MS Windows. This post is to confirm that K400 does work with Debian and Ubuntu. It works out-of-the-box with no configurations required.



今天恨下心给自己买了个不便宜的生日礼物,Sony DSC-HX7V。一直想要有个好相机,一度还想买个防水机,可是都没买下手。一直到 Sony DSC-HX9V 的出现,Photography Blog 给了它极高的评价,终于我有个目标了。HX9V 在大马没卖,本来是打算到新加坡买的,可是大马的 Sony 却给 HX7V 打了 RM200 的折扣。本来 HX9V 只贵了 RM55,可现在却变成 RM255。没办法,价钱太诱人了,所以我选择 HX7V,售价是 RM1099。花这么多钱买个 point-and-shoot 好想有点白痴,不过就当作是辛勤工作了一年,犒赏犒赏自己吧!这么想,罪恶感好像就少了点儿 😛