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Latin Competitor Training Class — No More

Last weekend, I finally resigned from the Latin Competitor Training class.  I wanted to quit after attending the very first class but decided to give it some more time.  I did manage to learn something from the class but not enough to justify the expensive fee.  Even worse, I didn’t have a partner to practise with and competing with.

上星期,我终于离开了Latin Competitor Training class。我老早就想离开了,但是告诉自己再给它多点时间,或许会有转机。可是最后,我还是选择离开。不是学不到东西,只是学费与所学不成正比。更糟的是没有喜欢的舞伴。没人一块儿练习、一起参赛。


NATD Examination 2013

NATD Examination 2013

On the past Saturday, I took my second Latin Ballroom Dance test.  It was a lot tougher than the beginner test last year.  This year, I took the Bronze test and Silver test together.  The Bronze test consists of Cha Cha Cha and Jive.  The Silver test has Cha Cha Cha, Jive and Rumba.  I did not dance with my last year’s partner this time.  I did ask, but… well… it didn’t work out.  I had been expecting this, but it still hurt when it really happened.

The dances were rather short.  Many steps we had leant were not included in the dances.  I personally felt that, all steps we learnt should be included.  It was the time to see how good we had been doing for the past one year.  If we failed to get a good mark, that’s our own problem.  We really shouldn’t make the dances easier by excluding so many steps / movements.  Well, I didn’t find anyone in the class sharing the same thought though.

This year, I danced with 4 ladies and we danced a total of 12 dances.  Sally was my exam partner this year.  She was my junior but was realy good.  Most probably getting higher mark than me.  We danced a total of 5 dances, made some small mistakes, but was generally OK.  For the other three, I was their dummy partner (not enough guys in the dance school).  Although just a dummy, I never treated it lightly.  I still danced as good as I can.  I even worried that I might not have the energy left for my real exam partner, who was the last I danced with.  Luckily, there were long enough break in between dances with different partners.

The exam day was also the photo taking day.  Everyone dressed properly for the exam, especially the ladies.  However, I took only a few photos this year and only with my juniors.  It’s not that I didn’t want to take it with my classmates, but it just didn’t happen.

上星期六,我参加了第二次的拉丁舞考试。今年的考试难度比去年高了许多。去年只考一支舞(cha cha cha),今年有五支。Bronze medal test两支(cha cha cha 和 jive)、Silver medal test三支(cha cha cha, jive 和 rumba)。我去年的舞伴,今年不再和我搭档了。虽是预料中事,但还是…



因为考试,大家都穿得较正式。许多女生都有特别打扮一下,所以当天的相机总是拍个不停。我也和学妹们拍了几张;和同学倒是一张都没拍。不是不想拍,可是一想到… 就不拍了。