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Henry Studio Christmas & New Year Eve Party 2012

It was a night filled with food, fun, dances and laughter.  We, a group of four, won a game.  Then, very unexpectedly, I won one of the two best “Christmas and New Year Wish” contest.  Lastly, I got the 6th prize in the lucky draw!  Yeah!



My phone’s speaker is broken

After more than 2 years, my HTC Desire is failing.  First the battery and now the speaker seems to be dead, probably due to the drop last night.  Every things are still working except there is now no sound.  No incoming ringing, no alarm, no SMS notification, no music playing either.  I’ve turned on the vibration, but for sure I’m going to miss most of the calls and SMS.  This is really bad!

用了两年多的 HTC Desire 突然变成了哑巴,扬声器好像是坏掉了!可能是昨晚掉在地上弄坏的。其他的功能都还完好,就是没有了声音。来电铃声、闹钟、音乐播放,全都静悄悄的…哇哇哇…

Strictly Ballroom

The movie “Strictly Ballroom” from 1992. Who wouldn’t get hooked into dancing after watching it?

“A Life Lived in Fear Is a Life Half Lived” from “Vivir con miedo es como vivir a medias” in Spanish.

There are shortcuts to happiness …

There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.

— Vicki Baum