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NATD Dance Showcase 2012

After only 3 days of practice, six of us presented our first public performance on the last Saturday.  The performance was much better than the rehearsal in the afternoon, but still, I think it was the worst in the whole night.  Well, with only 3 days to learn the steps and 2 days to practice it with music, I even doubted whether we can finish the entire dance.  I was really glad after we made it (finishing the dance).

上星期六,我们一组六人(全是拉丁舞新手)呈现了我们的第一场公开表演。下午彩排的时候拍子都乱了。结果音乐还没完,舞蹈却已经结束!晚上的正式演出,虽然还是有许多错误,但总算是完整的跳完了整支舞蹈。全场二十七支舞蹈,只有我们是新手(beginner level)。可能因为如此,评审特别手下留情,还给了我们一个中等的分数。这虽然不是比赛,但来自英国的三位评审在每支舞蹈结束后都会给予点评。其实我感到很不服气,因为我们是可以做得更好的!但是只有三天的时间练习,第二天才拿到音乐!无论如何,演出后大家总算松了口气。年底还有另一场演出,期待中…


Latin Dance Exam 2012

Four hours ago, I took my first Latin dance exam after learning for six months since January this year. I took the beginner level exam which was a simple one dance test. Although the dance routine was short but it was repeated for at least 4 times before the examiner was satisfied. The dance was completed nicely without major glitches (I think) so passing the exam shouldn’t be a problem.  Getting a distinction?  Well… I hope so.  🙂

四个小时前,我参加了人生的第一场拉丁舞考试。今年一月分才开课,只学了约半年的时间,还是个初学者。考试共分为几个级别,我考的也就是最最最初级的。一支舞Cha Cha Cha,步法不多也挺短的。原本以为重复两遍就搞定,可是刚才至少跳了四遍!没想到考官还真是认真。对了,考官是从英国来的Miss Marye Simmons。考试时,跳啊跳的,感觉很好。不紧张,反而有些兴奋。虽不是完美的,但整支舞蹈从开始到结束,感觉上并没有明显的失误。过关应该没有问题,就看能不能拿到优等或特优了。 🙂

MySQL: Continue a failed replication slave

Sometimes, a replication error (e.g. duplicate data due to binlog error) will cause the replication slave to fail and stop. The easiest solution is to skip the problematic binlog data. We can do it by:

mysql> slave start;

By doing this, one line of replicated info is lost. So, do this only if the info to be skipped does not have real impact to the replicated database. My most recent use of this trick was when I encountered the following error:

[ERROR] Slave SQL: The incident LOST_EVENTS occured on the master. Message: mysqld startup, Error_code: 1590