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Android 2.2 a.k.a Froyo on my HTC Desire

Last night, I’ve finally received the Froyo update for my HTC Desire.  A total download of over 90MB of data.  The whole update process was straight forward, painless and fast (I’m using wifi through streamyx 1Mbps package).  Frankly speaking, besides some additional apps, updated apps and icon colour changed, I have not yet noticed anything extra ordinary about Froyo.  One issue I’ve found out is that, the FM Radio app is no longer working.  It “force close” each time it was started.  Some googling points me the a solution: Go to “Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>FM Radio” and “Clear data”.  Then the FM radio is working again.  Well, all the stations were deleted in the process so you’ll have to reconfigure them.

My first open source project.

Finally, I have a rather stable version of the android app that will notify me of an unread SMS.  I’ve gone through a lot of debugging and fixing to get to the current stable and usable state.  Instead of just keeping all these to myself, I decided to share the code.  If you are interested, you can clone the whole source repository from gitorious (

Since I’m not willing to pay for the Android Market registration fee, I’m still looking for a place to upload my app (binary).  If you know such a place, please let me know.