Standard Ballroom Exam


After learning for about 6 months, earlier today I had my first ballroom exam.  To my surprise, the examiner was Kevin Page!  He was my Latin bronze and silver examiner two years ago under NATD.  I thought I’m taking UKA exam because my teacher is certified under UKA.  But my exam slip clearly stated NATD.  Hmm…

学了约半年的国标舞,今天我考试了!由于准备不足,分数没有拉丁舞考试的好。要好好反省,多加练习。师兄、师姐们都考得比我好,必须向他们看齐。让我感到意外的是考官竟然是 Kevin Page。他是我两年前的拉丁舞考官。怎么回事,我一直以为我是报考 UKA, 考官却是 NATD 的?!仔细一看,我的成绩单上清楚写着 NATD!我的老师是 UKA 的,怎么学生却是报考 NATD?奇怪呀奇怪??

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