Sony Xperia Z3 Compact


Got a new phone from my boss last Thursday. My one-year-plus Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has been problematic for weeks if not months. The GSM radio seems pretty dead now. Cannot make/receive calls and SMS. Must reboot the phone before making/receiving a call or SMS. Co-workers, including my boss have been complaining about not being able to reach me on phone. Initially I was looking for a mid-range phone that is about the same size as my S4 Mini. That proves to be a very difficult task. Nowadays, small size phone (less than 5 inch screen) seems to be reserved for low-end, entry-level phones. Initially, the Samsung A3 could be my choice but the specs is not as good as S4 Mini and the size is noticably bigger than S4 Mini. Then, I found the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. The specs is great, light and the size is not bigger than S4 Mini. It has a bigger screen but the handset size is not bigger than S4 Mini thanks to narrower bezels. The only problem is the price. It is priced as an almost-high-end phone. This has deter me to get it for a few weeks. I think my boss just cannot stand me anymore, so last Thursday after a meeting in Berjaya Time Square, we went to a Sony Center there and he bought one for me. Thanks boss 🙂


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