NATD Medalist Competition 2014


东奔西跑的找服装、到其他学院租借舞蹈室、上私人班,忙碌了一整个星期就为了昨天的比赛。虽然只拿了第二名,也不算太坏。还第一次收到花束,真是谢谢 Cindy 和 Jade 的到场支持。还有 Elizabeth,一直等到最后,真是不好意思。

比赛大约在11:30am开始,由街舞和 Hip Hop 拉开战幔。选手们都挺好的,表演的都不错。之后是国标舞和free style,大约2pm才开始拉丁舞比赛。开始都是小孩子的单人舞环节。由于参赛人数不少,比赛组别更是繁多,我们看得都有些累。除了一小部份跳得不错的小朋友之外,大多时候都很是无聊。一直等到五、六点钟,拉丁舞比赛才开始有些看头儿,应为有朋友参加嘛 🙂 那班中学学妹们陆续上场,跳得都不错,可圈可点。

比赛当中有穿插颁奖环节。一来可让比赛完毕的小朋友们先回家、二来可以让裁判休息片刻。最后的穿插颁奖环节后,真正的拉丁舞 bronze, silver 和 gold 的比赛环节开始了。由于在场边热身,错过了欣欣的 silver 比赛。:( 真是不应该… 最后一项比赛,终于轮到我们上场了。Cha cha cha 和 Rumba 都还可以,Samba 也没犯下什么大错,可是却败在 Jive!一开始就 timing 不对,之后还弄错舞步… 没救了…

最后的 Jive 很是遗憾。不过人生总是会有些许不如意的,不是吗? 🙂

One busy week to look for costumes, renting dance hall for practice, going for private classes, all for the competition yesterday.  Only got the 2nd place, but it’s not too bad already.  Also, sincere thanks to Cindy and Jade who came to support us, and with flower!  Our former classmate Elizabeth wait till the end to see us danced. Thanks beth beth.

The competition began at about 11:30am.  It was started with street dance and hip hop.  The competitors were pretty good. Quite enjoying watching them dancing.  Next were standard ballroom and free style.  At about 2pm, latin events started.  First, it was the latin children events.  There were a lot of young children competing and a lot of different categories.  Most of the events were quite boring except for a few which had some pretty good young competitors taking part.  Also, mostly solo events so we were not really interested in them.  It wasn’t until 5 or 6pm that the latin events started to get interesting.  Why?  Because our gang finally started competing.  The teenage girls juniors started to walk down the dance floor.  They danced pretty good indeed.  🙂

There were a few prize giving ceremonies in between the events during the competition.  It’s a good arrangement so that young children could leave earlier and the judges could take a short break.  After the second last prize giving ceremony, the real latin ballroom bronze, silver and gold events followed.  I was doing some warm up by the dance floor and missed Siew Xin’s Silver event.  My bad 😦  Finally, it’s our turn.  Cha cha cha and Rumba were quite OK.  Samba was so so, no significant mistakes.  Jive was a let-down. Started with wrong timing and followed with wrong steps… Just a mess…

Was really dissapointed with Jive.  But hey, nothing is perfect, so just keep it on and keep dancing.  🙂




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