NATD Exam 2014

过去的星期六,我参加了Gold Level的拉丁舞晋级考试。虽然花了许多时间练习,考试当天还是错误百出… 有些许失望,可是早有心里准备。平时练习就已经很糟糕了,考试当天又怎么会有奇迹呢?不怪舞伴,她这次已经有认真练习了。只能说,自己还需要多加努力。来临星期日的比赛,加油吧!

Last Saturday, I had my Gold Level Latin dance exam. My partner and I did spend a lot of time practicing, but the outcome was not good. This was not a surprise actually. During our practice, the dances were very bad already. There’s no miracle on the exam day, so it was all expected. Not blaming anyone, just to conclude that I need to put in more effort in dancing. There’s a competition on the coming Sunday, I’ll give it my best!


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