Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (I9190) Rooted

Last night, I had my newly bought S4 mini rooted.  Thanks to arco68 from the “xda developers” forum.  The rooting process is a lot easier and faster compare to what I did last time with my old, faithful HTC Desire.  With a rooted S4 mini, I’ve installed the “transparent proxy” and is now able to use whatapps, line, etc. through my office’s proxy server.

The rooting guide from arco68 is here: [RECOVERY][ROOT] Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 3G (GT-I9190)

The rooting process went smoothly, but the bundled “Superuser” app did not seem to work.  I went to the Play Store and installed the CWM (clockworkmod) version of “Superuser” and it works perfectly.

Also, I was not able to delete the three Samsung applications (KNOXAgent.apk, KNOXStore.apk, ContainerAgent.apk) which keeps giving me warning saying “The device has detected an application attempting unpermitted actions…”.  According to the form posts, other users seem to be able to delete them.  But when I tried, using “ES File Explorer”, I got “xxxx.apk cannot be deleted”.  If I use “ConnectBot” and try to delete from a terminal, it will fail with an error saying “… Read-only file system”.

After some googling, I probably can delete those files in the recovery mode.  According to this post: [SCRIPT] TrulyClean v1.6 For S4 mini “removed all the bloatware”, I just need to modify the “updater-script” according to my need.  Also, I may use this method to remove the bundled “Superuser” app which is not working.  Maybe I’ll do it this weekend, a bit lazy now.   🙂


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