Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (I9190)

After about 3 years, my boss decided to buy us a new phone each.  I can choose what I want.  For me, Nexus4, although almost one year old, is still my first choice.  However, we couldn’t get a brand new set.  Yesterday when we were out shopping for the phones, we almost bought 2 used sets (my boss also wanted a Nexus4).  I booted the phone and found a gmail account already configured in it.  After checking through 4 Nexus4 units, I totally lost hope for getting a new set in Low Yatt Plaza.  What to do?  Should I get a Galaxy Note2, Galaxy S4 or HTC ONE?  In the end, I decided on a Galaxy S4 Mini.  I know it’s not as good as other high-end models, but it’s small size won my heart.  Not much bigger than my good old HTC Desire.  With slimmer frame, it has a much bigger screen size than my 3-year-old Desire.  I am quite happy with it.  I need to root my phone in order to use some application which requires super user privilege.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any tutorial or custom rooted kernel for this phone (I9190).  Maybe it’s time for me to dive in and make a custom kernel myself?


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