Endau Rompin National Park 2012

I spent the last three days in the Endau Rompin National Park. This was my first trip there and also my first camping trip. First, we drove along the north-south highway from Kulai to Ayer Hitam, then to Kluang and finally Kahang. In Kahang, we registered ourselves with the National Park office. Then we changed into a 4-wheel-drive and departed for a 2-hours bumpy drive into the forest. After a lot of bumping up and down, swaying left and right, we arrived at the visitor complex at the “Kampung Peta”. It’s a big, double storey wooden building. There, we filled up some forms, took our lunch (bought some chicken rice from Kahang earlier) and moved on to a boat ride. It was a short ride of about 20 minutes along the Endau River before reaching the Pacau Jetty. Well, not a jetty strictly speaking, just a place to get on and off boats.

This was where our true journey began. Carrying our luggage, there was a 90 minutes hike from the Pacau Jetty to our campsite. First, we went through a bamboo grove. Elephant dungs were seen here and there. We were told this was a favourite spot for elephants in the evening and night. After about 30 minutes or less, we reached Kuala Jasin Campsite. It’s a beautiful and well-equipped campsite. This is the place where Jasin River joined the Endau River. Jasin River was flowing with greenish, blueish fresh water, while the Endau River was the usual yellow, muddy water. After a short break to take some pictures, we continue to move on. Second part of the journey involved going up and down hills and crossing one river. The worst part was the small little leeches waiting for us on the forest floor. I managed to remove many of them from my feet, but I missed one. Only realized it when my right foot started bleeding. It was a relieve after reaching the Kuala Marong Campsite. We could finally take a rest and didn’t have to worry too much about the leeches. There were still some leeches in the campsite but nothing compare to the real forest floor.

The Kuala Marong Campsite had a common kitchen, a common dinning area and washrooms. It was not as well-equipped compared to the Kuala Jasin campsite and the scenary was also not as great. However, there were two visitor spots nearby and it was closer to the final destination we would like to go to on the next day. After setting up the tent and taking some rest, our native tour guide, Ki, lead us to the “Air Tasik Biru”. It’s about 30 minutes hike from our campsite. We were attacked by the leech army along the way but managed to control the casualty level. The “Air Tasik Biru” is a pond with blueish, clean water. Comfortable to swim in and there were many fishes swimming beside you. My hiking mates tried to catch the fishes (they recognized the fishes and claimed that they taste good) but of cause they failed. Luckily they failed, or else each fish would cost us RM3000! After that, we went back to our campsite and headed north. Crossed a river, went up and down hill with the leech army waited for us all the way as usual. After about 30 minutes, we reached the “Upeh Guling Waterfall”. The waterfall was not big but the water was fast. Could take some pictures there but not for swimming. Back to the campsite and took a bath in the river just beside the campsite. That’s my first time taking a bath in a river 🙂 After that we took our dinner (instant noodles and fried eggs) and slept. Oh yes, before that I took a few photos of the night sky. I had never seen so many stars at the same time in my life!

On the second day, after the breakfast at about 10am, we departed for the “Buaya Sangkut Waterfall”. It was a 4 hours hike one way, 8 hours journey in total. We crossed at least 2 rivers, going up and down hills for countless of times. Some of the slopes were really steep and sometimes we need to keep going up for quite a long distance before we can find a flater place to take break and check for …. leeches! Yes, there were leeches everywhere! After about 4 hours of hiking, we finally reached the “Buaya Sangkut Waterfall”. The first thing to do was to take off the clothes and jumped into the water! The water was cool and refreshing. It felt amazingly good after a tired and hot 4 hours hike. The “Buaya Sangkut Waterfall” was much bigger than the one we visited the previous day. Ten times bigger? Could be. The water current was generally fast but there were certain spots where it was safe to swim in. We left the place at about 4:30pm when it started to rain. This was very bad. Raining made the trail very difficult to navigate (muds and slippery) and there were a lot more leeches on a rainy day. Furthermore, it was already late so we really need to rush back. The day would be dark by 7:30pm and we really didn’t want to hike in a dark forest. The rain was falling heavily but we tried to move as fast as possible. Leeches were not as scary as a dark forest. The rain made the rivers deeper and flowing faster but luckily not blocking our way back. We reached our campsite at about 8:10pm. I was drenched with rain water and my feet were bleeding. On one of the spot on my right foot, there were a few leeches sucking blood at the same time. After removing them, the blood didn’t stop until about 11:30pm. I had no idea how many leeches had I removed from my feet the whole day.

On the third day, we broke the camp at about 10am. Took about 90 minutes to hike back to “Pacau Jetty”. Well, the leech army didn’t let go for this final chance. However, after what happened on the previous day, some more bleeding was really nothing anymore. After a short boat trip, we were back to the “Kampung Peta”. There we visited the “ketua kampung” and had our lunch there. The lunch was some usual stuff plus one native style bamboo chicken and one native style bamboo beef. The taste of the food was OK but unreasonably expensive.

前三天我到了“兴楼云冰国家公园”露营。从古来途经南北大道、居銮,然后抵达加亨。在加亨的国家公园办公室登记后,我们一行人登上了一辆四轮驱动车往国家公园出发。两个小时的崎岖山路后,我们抵达了“Kampung Peta”游客综合大厦。我们在这儿再填了几张表格、吃午饭(从加亨买来的鸡饭)、然后到处看看。没多久,我们便搭船往营地出发。沿着“Endau River”往上游航行约20分钟,我们就地达了“Pacau”码头。严格上说,那只是个让人上下船的河岸,怎么也不象码头。

下了船,我们真正的旅程才算开始。背着背包、提着行李,迈着脚步往90分钟脚程外的营地出发!首先我们途经的是一片竹林。一路上有许多大象的粪便。我们的导游“Ki”告诉我们,有象群常在黄昏和晚上在这里出现。约30分钟后,我们抵达了“Kuala Jasin”营地。这里拥有完善的设施而且风景宜人。位于两条河流的交汇处:“Jasin River”拥有清澈、微蓝绿的清净河水。在营地的一旁汇入混黄的“Endau River”。我们在这儿稍作停留,拍了几张照片后就继续上路。接下来约一个小时的山路、越过一条小河、还有一路上令人心寒的水蛭。在离开“Kuala Jasin”营地不久我的脚趾就被攻陷了。约一个小时后,我们抵达了我们的营地“Kuala Marong”。营地是个避难所,在这里我们不必担心水蛭的问题(数量和外面根本没得比)。这儿的设备和风景虽然没有“Kuala Jasin”的好,但也有厨房、饭厅和卫生间,而且有两处景点就在附近。搭好帐篷、休息一会儿后,导游便带领我们往只需30分钟路程的“Tasik Air Biru”。一路上,水蛭大军自然也没闲着。不过路程短,伤亡仍在控制范围内。“Tasik Air Biru”的河水清澈而且带有微蓝,水流缓慢而且有许多鱼儿。站在水中,鱼儿就在你身边游来游去,有点热浪岛的感觉。回到营地后往北,越过一条小河再走约30分钟,我们到了一处叫“Upeh Guling”的瀑布。瀑布并不大,但水流很急不能下水。拍几张照片也就结束了。回到营地,我们便到一旁的河里冲凉。第一次这么做,挺有趣的。之后吃晚餐(快熟面加煎蛋)然后睡觉去。对了,睡前我拍了几张夜空的照片。从没见过这么多的星星!

第二天早餐后,约上午十点我们便往“Buaya Sangkut”瀑布出发。5.5公里的距离却预计耗时四个小时。早上十点才出发已经是迟了,要在天黑前赶回来,速度要快些才行。一路攀山越岭、上上下下的不知越过了多少个山头,小河也至少渡了两条。这5.5公里的山路比起之前一天的要困难得多。一座座的山丘,似乎一座比一座高、也越来越陡峭,加上水蛭大军的四面夹攻…一个字:累。下午两点多,我们抵达了“Buaya Sangkut”瀑布。它的确是挺壮观的,大概比“Upeh Guling”瀑布大上十倍!从山路的出口只能看见瀑布的侧面,要一览全貌就必须游到对岸,那就能从正面一饱眼福。“Buaya Sangkut”瀑布虽然也是水流湍急,但有些部分倒是可以安全的下水玩玩。离开时已是下午四点半,而且还下起了倾盆大雨。这下可糟了,要在天黑前赶回营地几乎是不可能了!前一天的经验,七点半天就暗了。以现在的时间计算,大概八点半才会抵达营地!加上下着大雨、路滑难行,想快也不容易。黑暗的森林比水蛭恐怖,所以回程时都不怎么理有没有水蛭了,赶路要紧!因为下雨,河水更急、更深,还好不至于阻断我们归路。天黑了,靠着手电筒继续前进。约八点十五分,我们终于看见了营地。到了营地,第一件事就是除水蛭!我是全组受害最重的一个。其中一个伤口被许多条水蛭吸着,用盐水将它们除掉后就血流不止。用纸巾檫干净后,没多久脚板、拖鞋又都是血!就这样流了近三个小时才成功止血。还好伤口不大,不然可就糟糕了!水蛭的“抗凝血剂”还真是厉害!

第三天早餐后收拾行囊,约十点种我们便离开“Kuala Marong”。九十分钟的山路就回到“Pacau”码头。一路上水蛭大军依旧,但经过昨日的劫难后,今天再捐点血也没什么了…在船上二十分钟,凉风迎面吹来,舒服极了!回到“Kampung Peta”,我们到村长家吃午饭。除了一道竹筒鸡肉和竹筒牛肉,其他的菜肴和我们一般吃的并没有不同。味道还不错,可是贵极了!不值得!

三天两夜的旅程,最难忘的就是满山的水蛭!“Buaya Sangkut”瀑布虽然壮丽,但八小时的山路和水蛭,代价有点大…最遗憾的是,这三天内连一只野生动物都没看见、昆虫也没见到几只!感觉上还是彭亨州的“Jerantut”国家公园比较值得一游。


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