NATD Dance Showcase 2012

After only 3 days of practice, six of us presented our first public performance on the last Saturday.  The performance was much better than the rehearsal in the afternoon, but still, I think it was the worst in the whole night.  Well, with only 3 days to learn the steps and 2 days to practice it with music, I even doubted whether we can finish the entire dance.  I was really glad after we made it (finishing the dance).

上星期六,我们一组六人(全是拉丁舞新手)呈现了我们的第一场公开表演。下午彩排的时候拍子都乱了。结果音乐还没完,舞蹈却已经结束!晚上的正式演出,虽然还是有许多错误,但总算是完整的跳完了整支舞蹈。全场二十七支舞蹈,只有我们是新手(beginner level)。可能因为如此,评审特别手下留情,还给了我们一个中等的分数。这虽然不是比赛,但来自英国的三位评审在每支舞蹈结束后都会给予点评。其实我感到很不服气,因为我们是可以做得更好的!但是只有三天的时间练习,第二天才拿到音乐!无论如何,演出后大家总算松了口气。年底还有另一场演出,期待中…


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