Latin Dance Exam 2012

Four hours ago, I took my first Latin dance exam after learning for six months since January this year. I took the beginner level exam which was a simple one dance test. Although the dance routine was short but it was repeated for at least 4 times before the examiner was satisfied. The dance was completed nicely without major glitches (I think) so passing the exam shouldn’t be a problem.  Getting a distinction?  Well… I hope so.  🙂

四个小时前,我参加了人生的第一场拉丁舞考试。今年一月分才开课,只学了约半年的时间,还是个初学者。考试共分为几个级别,我考的也就是最最最初级的。一支舞Cha Cha Cha,步法不多也挺短的。原本以为重复两遍就搞定,可是刚才至少跳了四遍!没想到考官还真是认真。对了,考官是从英国来的Miss Marye Simmons。考试时,跳啊跳的,感觉很好。不紧张,反而有些兴奋。虽不是完美的,但整支舞蹈从开始到结束,感觉上并没有明显的失误。过关应该没有问题,就看能不能拿到优等或特优了。 🙂


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