Debian 6.0 Squeeze

Debian Squeeze was release 2 days ago. Yesterday, I downloaded the i386 DVD disk 1, burnt it and replace (format then reinstall) my Lenny installed laptop (Twinhead: Twinmate M95). The installation took less than an hour but the system didn’t work. The system booted with a nice space fun wallpaper as the background of the Grub menu, but came to a halt a few seconds after the mouse was shown. After some investigation, the culprit was the nouveau module (NVidia driver).  My laptop has an old GeForce 8200MG graphic card.  To resolve it, I booted into the rescue mode, fired up aptitude and purge the xserver-xorg-video-nouveau package (xserver-xorg-video-all was also removed because of dependency).  Reboot and my laptop is up and running (I later installed the NVidia proprietary driver).

Not long after logging into the Gnome desktop, I realized that, the Wifi was not working.  The running kernel does support the hardware (in lenny, I was using a backport kernel).  Reading the error log, I realized the firmware was missing.  Downloaded it from, extracted the firmware-ralink_0.28_all.deb then installed it (dpkg -i xxx.deb).

That’s it, I’m now running the Debian Squeeze!  Thank you to all Debian contributors!  🙂


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