Running Windows XP in Debian using QEMU

I’m using Debian for my work.  Recently, I need to use a tool that will only run on a Windows XP.  To setup a Windows XP using QEMU is the solution:

  1. Install and build the required packages.
    # aptitude install qemuctl qemu-launcher
    # aptitude install kqemu-common kqemu-source
    # m-a prepare
    # m-a auto-install kqemu
    # modprobe kqemu
    # echo kqemu >> /etc/modules
  2. Run the qemu-launcher.
  3. Check the “Use CD-ROM” checkbox and put your Windows XP installer CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  4. For the “Boot disk” drop-down-list, select “CD-ROM”.
  5. Create the “Hard disk 0” by clicking the “New” button.
  6. Change the “RAM (MB)” to what you want.  I’m using “512”.
  7. Now, your virtual machine has one harddisk, boots from your CD-ROM and has 512 MB RAM.
  8. Click the “Launch” button to start your virtual machine.  Usual Windows XP installation follows.

The installation process took a long time to complete (much longer than a usual XP installation), but it runs as fast as (if not faster than) a usual XP installation.

* I experience 2 crashes during the installations.  Maybe I was just unlucky.

** You can also use an ISO image as your Windows XP installer CD.  Just replace the “CD-ROM” setting from “/dev/cdrom” to “/some/directory/to/your/XP.iso”.

*** To enable widescreen support, select the “Standard VGA card with VESA Bochs extensions” under “Video card” section, in the “Hardware” tab.

**** ctrl+alt+f to go into fullscreen mode.  ctrl+alt+f again to switch back to window mode.


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