Metacity and AWN in Lenny


Earlier today, I posted my setup of Compiz and AWN.  But then, I found that, my system is taking too much CPU (mostly xorg).  Even during video playing (MP4), xorg hits 90% CPU.  Then, I started to find another composite window manager to replace Compiz.  Metacity is a compite window manager, but when I start AWN, it said:

Error: Screen isn't composited. .....blah blah

Then I try to look around in the net and finally found that, I have to turn on the “composite manager” support in metacity explicitly.  It is off by default.  So, just fire up the gconf-editor, edit the key:


set it to true (tick the check box).  That’s all.  My system is now as fast as before and with the AWN!  🙂  Well, there goes all the compiz effects, but usability is more important.

Finally, ~/.gnome2/session (copied from /usr/share/gnome/default.session) has the following content:


0,RestartCommand=gnome-wm --sm-client-id default0
1,RestartCommand=avant-window-navigator –sm-client-id default1


2 responses to “Metacity and AWN in Lenny

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  2. Juan December 1, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    Thanks a lot man! Now I can use my dual monitor with AWN 🙂

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