Downgrade a debian package

Recently, I updated my iceweasel to version 24.4.0esr-1~deb7u2 which breaks the GWT browser plug-in. I need to downgrade it to a version which works with the plug-in.

First, I’ll need to install a tool which allows me to list out all available versions of a package:

# aptitude install apt-show-versions

Next, find out what versions of iceweasel are available:

# apt-show-versions --package=iceweasel --allversions

Finally, install the older version:

# apt-get install install iceweasel=17.0.10esr-1~deb7u1




2012年1月9日,开始了我的第一堂拉丁舞课。今天,2014年1月13日,两周年后的第一堂课!不知不觉中,两年或731个日子,就这样过去了。从什么是拉丁舞都不懂的无知,到今年将考取 gold level 证书;从每天上班、回家的生活,到目前一星期四天到舞蹈学院报到,改变虽然不是很巨大,但确实充实了不少。认识了不少新朋友,生活圈子开阔了许多。



On the 9th Jan 2012, my first latin ballroom class started. Today, the 13th Jan 2014, my first class in the third year. Time flies. Two years passed in a blink of an eye. Started from completely ignorant to going to take my gold level exam this year, from a dull working life traveling from home to office and back everyday to now going to the dance studio 4 days a week, my life has become much more colourful than before.

Learning to dance is fun and fill with laughter. However, once I become serious about it, I start to have expectations and disappointments. Feeling down and sad has become unavoidable. Nonetheless, I’m always looking forward to the next class. Wishing a joyful and satisfying dance session.

Has dancing become a part of my life that I cannot live without? Nope, I don’t think so. But life without it will be very dull and I will never want it that way. Just keep it going, and maybe, one day, it could really become a part of me, planted so deeply that it cannot be separated anymore.



晓欣从文冬的家乡带了碗汤圆给我,好感动哦!由于今天我很迟才回到家,糖水全都被汤圆给吸收了。汤圆也长大了许多。好久没在冬至正日吃汤圆了,真的是谢谢你哦–晓欣  :)

Creating a ISO file from CD/DVD

Find the block size:

$ isoinfo -d -i /dev/cdrom
CD-ROM is in ISO 9660 format
System id: 
Volume id: NEW
Volume set id: UNDEFINED
Publisher id: 
Data preparer id: 
Application id: NERO BURNING ROM
Copyright File id: 
Abstract File id: 
Bibliographic File id: 
Volume set size is: 1
Volume set sequence number is: 1
Logical block size is: 2048
Volume size is: 2073648
NO Joliet present
NO Rock Ridge present

Create the ISO file:

$ dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=2048 of=video.iso

Dance Performance Videos


Just finished watching the “Graduation Dance and Dinner” performance video.  The dances were unbelievably bad…  so much worse compare to last year’s.  Really cannot believe that my dances were in such bad shapes.  要好好的反省,然后加油、加油、再加油!

Marshmallow – Christmas Gift

20131215_212550Home made marshmallow from my dance school junior Mabel.  It’s soft and very very sweet!  Have I had any marshmallow before?  Cannot remember.  Maybe it’s supposed to be this sweet?  :P  Thanks Mabel.  :)



我有时候也很固执、难相处。昨天发生的事,其实我也可以轻易的解决,而不需要把事情闹僵。可我就是无法忍受这同事的处事态度,而希望能在电邮里指正他,让他反省。这么做也不是第一次了,可每一次都是失败收场。天真的我,却总是以为这一次会成功,结果总是让自己难过、投降。我非常清楚自己并不如这同事般的难相处,但我有时也一样的令人讨厌。所以总会提醒自己,谦卑些、和蔼些,千万不要变成这个同事一般。今天写下这一篇,就是要让自己好好的记住:要更好的处理自己的情绪,不要为了些不值得的人与事而心烦。让自己开心的过每一天! :)

Henry Studio 2013 NATD Graduation Dinner And Dance


Last night was the yearly graduation dinner and dance.  It was fun and exciting.  Surpassing the previous year.  I took part in two dances this year.  My own class’s samba and the cha cha cha of my junior class.   I didn’t dance as well as last year, that’s a bit disappointing, but dancing with my juniors are fun, a lot of fun.  These young ladies are as young as 11 to 17.  They call me koko (big brother) but I think they should call me shushu (uncle) instead.  But never mind, let me pretend to be 10 years younger then.  LOL.  This group of juniors are like my own class one and a half years ago.  They came to the studio to practice whenever there was a practice session available.  I think I deserve some credit here.  For I was the one who persuade them to come and practice in the first place.  I also created a FB group so that we could all discuss the dance in it.  I’ve done a lot for the junior class but not for my own.  Sadly, my own class is no longer how it was one and a half years ago.  Many had left.  Only two of us are from the original group.  We are no longer partners this year and my new dance partner didn’t show up for practicing for nearly 2 weeks.

I had a surprise when I was told that I won the best student award for the silver (man) category!  I always thought that the competitors would get it.  Really unexpected.

Same as last year, after dinner, it was the open dance session.  I had my first dance with my ex-partner.  After that, I’ve danced with my juniors for almost the entire night.  I think I really like them.  LOL.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (I9190) Rooted

Last night, I had my newly bought S4 mini rooted.  Thanks to arco68 from the “xda developers” forum.  The rooting process is a lot easier and faster compare to what I did last time with my old, faithful HTC Desire.  With a rooted S4 mini, I’ve installed the “transparent proxy” and is now able to use whatapps, line, etc. through my office’s proxy server.

The rooting guide from arco68 is here: [RECOVERY][ROOT] Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 3G (GT-I9190)

The rooting process went smoothly, but the bundled “Superuser” app did not seem to work.  I went to the Play Store and installed the CWM (clockworkmod) version of “Superuser” and it works perfectly.

Also, I was not able to delete the three Samsung applications (KNOXAgent.apk, KNOXStore.apk, ContainerAgent.apk) which keeps giving me warning saying “The device has detected an application attempting unpermitted actions…”.  According to the form posts, other users seem to be able to delete them.  But when I tried, using “ES File Explorer”, I got “xxxx.apk cannot be deleted”.  If I use “ConnectBot” and try to delete from a terminal, it will fail with an error saying “… Read-only file system”.

After some googling, I probably can delete those files in the recovery mode.  According to this post: [SCRIPT] TrulyClean v1.6 For S4 mini “removed all the bloatware”, I just need to modify the “updater-script” according to my need.  Also, I may use this method to remove the bundled “Superuser” app which is not working.  Maybe I’ll do it this weekend, a bit lazy now.   :)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (I9190)

After about 3 years, my boss decided to buy us a new phone each.  I can choose what I want.  For me, Nexus4, although almost one year old, is still my first choice.  However, we couldn’t get a brand new set.  Yesterday when we were out shopping for the phones, we almost bought 2 used sets (my boss also wanted a Nexus4).  I booted the phone and found a gmail account already configured in it.  After checking through 4 Nexus4 units, I totally lost hope for getting a new set in Low Yatt Plaza.  What to do?  Should I get a Galaxy Note2, Galaxy S4 or HTC ONE?  In the end, I decided on a Galaxy S4 Mini.  I know it’s not as good as other high-end models, but it’s small size won my heart.  Not much bigger than my good old HTC Desire.  With slimmer frame, it has a much bigger screen size than my 3-year-old Desire.  I am quite happy with it.  I need to root my phone in order to use some application which requires super user privilege.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any tutorial or custom rooted kernel for this phone (I9190).  Maybe it’s time for me to dive in and make a custom kernel myself?


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